Like 1968, Unacceptable
Oh I caught you all dressed up last night,
You were searchin’ for somethin’ just to make you feel alright,
You should take a stand on Sudan if you want to hold my attention.
I know you’re lonesome baby, but that’s not what this is about,
It’s just all your excuses that I can't seem to figure out.

So I went down to every drugstore I could find,
Fillin’ up prescriptions just to ease my worried mind,
I’m sick of this life and I need somethin’ just to get me by,
I think I'm dyin’ mama, at least that’s what the television tells me,
So I went to ask my doctor and he just screamed nothin’s free.

Oh you keep on lookin’ for those things you do not need,
You call it self-improvement but I just call it greed,
Just because you got what you want doesn’t mean you should be smilin’br> I know you’re worthless honey, just about as worthless as could be,
But do not tell me you’re tired, you’re not as tired as me.

I hear a third world cryin’ in my dreams,
They said, we did not mean to wake you so just go back to sleep,
But I can’t pretend that I do not see somethin’ wrong here
While the commander stands smirkin’ claimin’ he was Heaven sent,
He’s just passin’ out fliers readin’ TRUST YOUR GOVERNMENT!

Oh we boast of our freedom and equality for all,
But that’s comin’ from a land that’s never learned how to fall,
It’s not hard to see the trouble everywhere you turn,
I can’t stand it, all the looks from their empty eyes,
All the people walkin’ sideways, hidin’ behind their disguise.

I could talk of Nixon and the failures of our past,
But I’d rather work on somethin’ that I think is gonna last,
I could say I’m not tryin’ to offend but I would be lyin’br> I know the truth hurts boy, it even hits below the belt,
But I would not be surprised if that was the first thing you ever felt!
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Jared Griffin has been a folk-singing social activist for the last three years, vagabonding across the country and in Europe. He describes himself as “cautiously optimistic and idealistically awaiting the next Revolution.”

Not all of Jared’s songs are this bitter; some are topical, some are introspective, and some are love songs. Of this one, he writes: “I was out at the bars on a Saturday night with some friends, and I was so sick of the decadence, vanity and complacency surrounding me in the form of many representing my generation that I had to excuse myself; I went to my friend’s house, where I was staying, and wrote this as soon as I walked in the door.”

January is the month for contrasts, so next we have a sweeter song by Bob Keller.

Anything Under the Sun
Laurie doesn’t like gruesome songs,
Jeremiah thinks they’re fun.
Laurie looks askance when adults she knows
teach the kids another one.
Our world is made of people,
some who like, some who don’t,
anything under the sun.

Problems arise when someone decides
what kind of art we’re supposed to like,
And though they’ve reasons aplenty and rationales many
to try and convince you and I,
Our world is made of people . . .

There will be times when you find in your life
that you’re exposed to art that offends
A polite thing to do is to leave the room,
discuss it calmly after the program ends,
Because our world is made of people . . .

And should someone decide to criticize
the art that you’re inspired to make,
Listen to what they say, thank them then walk away,
but before you change anything, think,
Because our world is made of people . . .

Laurie doesn’t like gruesome songs,
Jeremiah thinks they’re fun.
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Bob Keller is well-known to Club members as ranger-in-charge at the Boulder Creek Scout Reservation, where our summer campouts are often held. He wrote this after singing “Johnny Rebeck” at one of the open-mike concerts. “Some folks requested copies of the song and so the following day I was handing them out . . . .” One copy got into the hands of Laurie Story Vela’s young son Jeremiah, who (following Ranger Bob's instructions) gave it to his mom for safekeeping. Her reaction to the infamously gruesome camp song was cooler than his — but both Laurie and Jeremiah contributed to the rough draft of “Anything Under the Sun.”

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