We have three songs here: a pair from Peter Krug and Ken Hayes that have been making a splash lately, and one by Jo D’Anna celebrating seasons of change. The first two, though written independently, make a nice couple and appear frequently on the set list of Hali Hammer’s band Jump In. Peter’s song likes a slowish “stomp” strum; Ken’s likes a bright uptempo 4/4 strum.

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I hear accusation all across this nation
Everybody is finger-pointing
Nobody will accept the blame
I see factory doors closing
I see banks foreclosing
I hear people asking one another
Will our lives ever be the same?

’Cause we’re looking at hard times,
We’re looking at hard times,
It’s out of control and where it’s going
Nobody seems to know
We’re looking at dark times,
We’re looking through stark times,
It’s hard to believe these things we’re seeing
And it’s troubling my mind so.

We’re looking at bread lines
People missing their deadlines
Was it sheer corruption and mere misfortune
That caused so many to fail?
I see institutions
That offer no real solutions
People livin’ it up in stately mansions
Who probably ought to be in jail.

And we’re looking at hard times...

But we’ll get through these hard times,
We’ll survive these dark times,
I do believe that we can do it,
We’ve been through it before
And if we all pull together,
This storm we will weather,
The night’s gonna end, the clouds are gonna part,
And the sun’s gonna shine once more.

But we’re looking at hard times...

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Wall Street’s crashing, Main Street’s dying
Everything’s lost, all the people are crying
The party’s over, we’re in a tight crunch
But nothing from nothing don’t change much
And it’s hard to lose what you never had
So, it’s all the same to me

The man on the TV says it’s lookin’ bad
Been livin’ high on the hog, it’s time to pay the tab,
It’s time to step up, it’s time to kick in,
We’re in this together through thick and thin
So I’ll give you everything that I don’t own,
’Cause it’s all the same to me.
The money was here, now it’s gone,
Things went up, things went down,
People had this, now they ain’t got that,
I got a guitar and a thrift-store hat
And a bottle of wine and some songs to sing,
So it’s all the same to me.

(repeat first stanza)
Score image
1. When I see the redwood dawning
The pelicans gliding o’er the wave
The fog in the valley in the morning
I know my heart will live

2. When I hear the river laughing
Salmon spawn with all their strength to give
Oh, the miracle of life is baffling
So I know my heart will live

Lie-lie-lay, yodel-odel-ee
Yodel-odel-lee, yodel-ay-dee
Lie-lie-lay, yodel-odel-ee
Yodel-odel-ee, yodel-ay

3. When I see the white glacial valley
Watching snow fall like flower through a sieve...
Sparkling sugar covering the holly—
Yes, I know my heart will live

[Bridge 1:]
If I had read the warning
Heard your doubtful words the day we first met
When all the clouds were forming
All along it was wrong, but I had to wait
Would I still be here sighing—
Rain falling from my window year after year?
Would the moon still catch me crying—
Fighting the night at the edge of my tears?
4. Now when I hear Coyotes howling
As the moon rises just beyond the ridge
I feel my spirit in the wind following
And I know my heart will live


[Bridge 2:]
Years of hungry hope might find me
Out on a limb with nowhere to go
Time to cut those ties that bind me
Yes, I confess: I may have been wrong
Spring journey to mountain shadows
Where Geese fly north to slumbering peaks
I read your letter and I feel so sad
Though I know we must go the different paths we seek

5. Now in the Spring I’ll be smelling all the flowers
The Fall will be my time to grieve
By the Winter I’ll dream away the hours
But I know my heart will live

6. When Summer’s sun shines on the ocean
My spirit will be mine to give
For love is flame and the potion
For a heart that wants to live
Oh, I know my heart will live


This song appears on Jo D’Anna's latest CD, As She Is, in a much prettier arrangement than we can present here (listen to it at her website). She writes: “In this song, I am reminding myself of how the wonders and beauty of nature bring me back to life when I’ve been knocked down for whatever reason. And it’s a reminder to all of us that, if we just look at the beauty around us in nature, a benevolent mirror of our own state of being, we will be healed and transformed, and yes— we will survive, and thrive.” Hear more at

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