Wal-Mart Farewell

(to the tune of “Jamaica Farewell”)
(I-IV-V7 chords, e.g., C-F-G7 chords)
Lyrics by Paul Stein

(Chorus:) And we’re sad to say the Wal-Mart way
Is poor health benefits, a tough work day.
When they’re around, they drive all wages down,
And push mom and pop shops out of town.
  1. Part-time workers’ pay is low,
    Can’t support their families on hours they get.
    They survive on a Wal-Mart wage using
    Medicaid and food stamps from the safety net.

  2. Wal-Mart workers are sped up,
    With their schedules set at the boss’s whim.
    Health and safety are ignored
    To increase the profits coming in.

  3. Union busting is disgusting.
    Wal-Mart does it every day.
    Intimidation and termination
    Are illegal but they do it anyway.

  4. Racism rears its ugly head
    In Wal-Mart stores from coast to coast.
    They settle suits as best they can,
    ‘Cause if they went to trial they would be toast.

  5. Women get a lousy deal.
    Their pay and promotions lag behind.
    Wal-Mart culture favors men.
    In most corporate suites that’s who you’ll find.

  6. Greenhouse gases keep on growing
    And cause climate change and disaster.
    Giant Wal-Mart’s business model
    Brings on global warming faster.

  7. Wal-Mart’s size puts it in control
    Of suppliers from China to Pakistan.
    Screwing workers there raises Wal-Mart profits.
    It’s a part of their business plan.


(Tune: “Let My People Go,” new words by Hali Hammer)

When Egypt was Mubarak’s land (fight the status quo)
Oppressed ones took the upper hand (fight the status quo)

(Chorus:) Step up, fight back, stand strong and make a stand
Time to take command (fight the status quo)

The Arab Spring spread far and wide (fight the status quo)
As demonstrations swelled in size (fight the status quo)

When Walker undermined their rights (fight the status quo)
Wisconsin workers won the fight (fight the status quo)

  News spread by e-mail, facebook, tweet (fight the status quo)
As people gathered in the street (fight the status quo)

We work for rights, for what is fair (fight the status quo)
At Occupations everywhere (fight the status quo)

So now change comes before our eyes (fight the status quo)
This happens when we organize! (fight the status quo)


Tune by Malvina Reynolds (Little Boxes)
Words by Nancy Schimmel and Claudia Morrow

Little [G]shelters in the Caymans, little [C]shelters made of [G]hanky-panky,
Little shelters in the [D7]Caymans, and we [G]don’t mean grass [D7]huts,
[G]These are shelters for corporations who [C]don’t think they have [G]enough of them
So they buy up legis [D7]lators who will [G]give them [D7]tax [G]cuts.

[G]Little shelters from taxes Mitt [C]Romney had quite a [G]few of them,
But they don’t make little [D7]shelters that will [G]fit you and [D7]me,
So us [G]little folks pay the taxes and the [C]big guys get the [G]benefits
So that they have more [D7]money to [G]subvert [    D7    G]democracy.

Take Me Out Of The Big Banks

(To the tune of “Take Me Out To The Ball Game”)
(Betsy Rose)

Take me out of the big banks
Take me out of their game
The credit union will get my dough
I’ll cut up my credit cards, pay as I go
And its root root root for the small banks
Give them our business and thanks
And it it’s 1, 2, 3 million more and we’ll close big banks

Let’s go occupy Wall Street
In every city and town
Well occupy houses the banks foreclosed
Make sure that no one’s left out in the cold
And it’s root root root for the new world
We’re building right here today
And it’s 1,2,3 billion more ! It’s a new ball game.

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