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July 4 Campout—Boulder Creek

The SFFMC campout will once again be in the redwoods at the Boulder Creek Scout Reservation— the same place as last year’s July 4th and Labor Day campouts. It’s about a mile from Boulder Creek, off Bear Creek Road. The address: 250 Scout Ranch Road, Boulder Creek.

Dates: The camp will be for three nights—the weekend before July 4: Friday, June 29, 2:00 p.m., Saturday night, June 30, Sunday night, July 1. Leave Monday, July 2 at 12 noon.

Rates: Adults: $15/night per person, kids under 16: $8/night per person, up to two kids in a family. Additional kids in the same family: free. Day use: $8/person.

Registration: Again, no advance registration. Register at camp only. It’s first-come, first-serve for campsites and tent cabins. There are about 17 tent cabins, which are usually enough for those who want them.


Jams and workshops: Informal jams in the daytime and around the campfires at night, two nights of open mics, and varied workshops. We’re planning workshops on sea songs, two and three-chord songs, Utah Phillips and many more. Some suggestions: songs of the Carter Family, Malvina Reynolds, Bill Staines, and instrument instruction. Anyone can lead a workshop! If you’d like to lead one, or have suggestions for a topic, e-mail Phyllis at or sign up at camp at the workshop bulletin board near the registration table.

Open mics: Usually the second and third nights of camp, about 8:00 p.m. at the main outdoor amphitheater. A sign-up list will be at the registration table.

Swimming: Bring your swimsuit! The July 4th weekend is usually great weather for swimming. We plan to have the required lifeguard and open the pool on the second and third days from 1:00 to 5:00 p.m. (New hours.)

Potluck: Community potluck Saturday night, 6:30 p.m. at the outside dining area near the kitchen. We can use the camp’s kitchen, with refrigerator and freezer, stove, oven and microwave to store and heat potluck food. Also available: plates, silverware, pans, and serving utensils. All dishes, pots and pans, etc. need to be washed afterwards. Label any leftovers you want saved.

Hiking: Several hiking trails begin at the camp: a self-guided historical trail about 3.5 miles long, and a nature trail about 2.5 miles long, among others.

SFFMC T-Shirts: will be for sale at the registration table at $15.00 each. Newest color—burgundy—plus blue or maroon, in various sizes.


The camp capacity is several hundred, so there is plenty of room. Many campsites have fire pits, and there is usually firewood available. Near the kitchen is an outdoor dining area and deck, picnic tables and umbrellas (and a machine with free ice). Also nearby are the pool, eight tent-cabins with cots, and a bathroom with showers and flush toilets. At the bottom of the hill by the parking lot is a large flat site for tents; bathrooms with flush toilets and running water are nearby. RVs are welcome; they park in the parking lot.

We cannot drive directly into campsites; we have to park vehicles in the parking lot or alongside the paved road and use carts provided by the camp to take our gear a short distance to the campsites.

The camp has neighbors directly across Bear Creek, so any music near the creek after 10:00 p.m.—the usual curfew for noise—needs to be quiet. If you plan to sing late, please locate your circle as far from Bear Creek as possible, also at a distance from the ranger’s house.

Pitching In

Everyone over 12 years old (except day-use attendees) does an hour of camp duty: registration and parking, cleanup after the potluck, or camp cleanup on the last day. Please sign up at the registration table as soon as possible after arriving. And please show up for your chore. If you can’t, leave a note at the registration table so we can cover the time.

If you arrive early (before 2:00 p.m., Friday), you can help post signs, register and direct parking.


We want to publicize this campout widely to increase attendance so we can afford to keep coming to this location—one of our favorites. Spread the word to all your friends who are interested in folk music! It is not necessary to be a member to attend, although we encourage new members. Blanks are available at the registration table. Dues: $10/year.

Fold-in and Folk Sing June 24

The fold-in is at noon, Sunday, June 24, at the home of Marian Gade, The more, the merrier. Help with the folknik, enjoy a meal afterwards, and make music. Bring a potluck dish and instruments.