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--John Kelly

Mark Graham is best known for his quirky, hilarious songs such as 'Zen Gospel Singing', 'I Can See Your Aura and It's Ugly', 'Life Is Hard But It's Hardest When You're Dumb' and many others. He is also a wonderful singer, harmonica and clarinet player. Here's one of his latest.

For a printable PDF, click here.

SFFMC member John Kelly is the on-line folknik guru. He's also a musician (aren't we all?) and wrote this fine bit of political commentary. Thanks, John.

Just a Little War

[D]Midterm 'lections comin' up, my polls are goin' [A] down.
Democrats all say they're gonna run me outta [D]town.
I need somethin' to pick me up, I feel so sad and [G]sore,
I [A]think I'll just have me a little [D]war.
[G]Just a little war, [D]just a little war,
[A]Don't care who we have it with, I [D]don't care what it's [D7]for,
[G]Please just let me have this one and [D]I won't ask for more,
[A]I just wanna have a little [D]war.

I know that in the past sometimes I've had a few too many;
Good thing I won't have to pay, they cost a pretty penny!
Our kids'll pay, some with their lives, but that's what kids are for,
I just wanna have a little war.


War's the way to get the people pullin' all together,
Just the way a flock of sheep'll follow the bellwether.
He's nothin' but a well-fed ram, no more brains than a half-baked ham
But he can lead his flock right into war.


Some men lead by talkin' 'bout the things we all hold dear;
Me, I get more mileage from the old appeal to fear.
*Al Qaeda! Nine-eleven! They're headin' for our shores!
Don't you think we need a little war?


*Freely substitute the threat du jour.

For a printable PDF version of the first verse and tune, click here. A recording of John singing the song is available here.

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