Singing Room Hymn

Every other Friday night, the San Francisco Folk Music Club fills with voices and instruments. This song came to me after a particularly harmonious post-Thanksgiving gathering. It appears on my 1999 CD, Many Kinds of Loving, available for a contribution to the Folk Club.

I've been coming to the San Francisco Folk Club on alternate Friday evenings for almost twenty years. The Club has provided a welcoming space to sing old and new favorites and to try out some of my original songs. Faith Petric and others have inspired several of these songs, including the songs in this issue -- "One More Trail" and "The Singing Room Hymn" -- "She Was There." The latter is based upon the oral history I conducted with Faith (on Many Kinds of Loving and previously printed in the folknik).

I have been playing guitar since I was a teenager and writing songs since I was in my 20s. I teach U.S. history at Stanford and write books about history, women, sexuality and feminism ( Each year I offer a workshop on folk songs of U.S. women's history at the San Francisco Free Folk Festival, combining my historical and musical interests.

--Estelle Freedman

One More Trail

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