We Looked Like Flowers

Longtime Folk Club member, activist, and Berkeley troublemaker Carol Denney responds to her city's proposed sit/lie ordinance. She performs this with the capo set five frets up (sounding in D). As usual, there's a bit of irregularity— for the extra line in the third verse, repeat the phrase marked with coda signs (⊕).

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  1. we looked like flowers
    when we were young
    we looked like angels
    every one
    our skin was beautiful
    our eyes were bright
    we sleep in doorways now
    night after night

    night after night
    day after day
    looking for mercy
    to meet us halfway
    they want us to leave
    but where do we go
    we are just people
    they don’t want to know

  2. asking for handouts
    is no one’s desire
    makes you so small inside
    makes you so tired
    just have to roll with
    whatever goes by
    and want to surrender
    and just want to die

  3. we built all the bridges
    we fought all the wars
    now it’s just sirens
    the slamming of doors
    the slamming of jail cells
    again and again
    once we were soldiers
    ⊕once we were workers⊕
    now we’re just them

  4. they look at our clothing
    they look at our shoes
    our troubles and stories
    are yesterday’s news
    if we were puppies
    they’d throw us a bone
    if we were children
    they’d take us all home

  5. wish I had wings
    wish I could fly
    make me a home somewhere
    up in the sky
    where nobody hates
    where nobody stares
    where somebody listens
    where somebody cares

Sound, Sound Your Instruments of Joy

Martin Carthy passed on this Cornish Christmas carol on a visit to Berkeley a few years ago. A similar version was recorded by the Watersons. A leader may “line out” the first line of each stanza, as written here, to set pitch and tempo. Singers may sing whatever parts they wish; octave doubling and a bit of improvising are expected.

Score image
  1. Sound, sound your instruments of joy
    To triumph shake each string,
    Let shouts of universal joy
    Welcome the new-born King!

  2. See, see the glad'ning dawn appear,
    Bright angels deck the morn.
    Behold, the Great I AM is here,
    The King of Glory's born.

  3. Surprising scenes, stupendous love,
    The Lord of Life descends,
    He left his glorious realms on high
    To be the sinner's friend.

  4. Let heav'n and earth and sea proclaim
    The wondrous love of God,
    And all the universal frame
    Sing praises to our God.

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