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Musical Meetings

Musical meetings of the San Francisco Folk Music Club are held every other Friday at 885 Clayton Street, between Carl and Parnassus Streets in San Francisco. Singing and jamming in three separate rooms start at 8:00 p.m. Snacks are provided through $1 food kitty donations or finger food contributions. Guests are always welcome, no one is expected to “perform”, and there is no charge.

“If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.”
Date September 1 September 15 September 29 October 13 October 27
Setup Joel Rutledge Jennie Woodward Debbie Klein Melissa Sarenac Jennie Woodward
Bulletin Board Estelle Freedman Judy Tergis Faith Yvette Tannenbaum Marlene McCall
Host/ess Tes Welborn Melissa Sarenac Yvette Tannenbaum Ed Hilton Phil Morgan
Host/ess Debbie Klein Ed Hilton Ed Bronstein Ken Hayes Pazit Zohar
Singing Room Marisa Malvino Faith ** Phil Morgan Yvette Tannnenbaum Jane & Dean
Theme Nature and Nurture Celebrations Surprises & Disappointments Food & Drink Autumn
Cleanup Jim Letchworth Eric Shackelford Marlene McCall Chuck Oakes Dave Sahn

**Faith's 91st birthday is Sept. 13 and this being the closest SFFM Club meeting it seems appropriate to designate it as her official birthday party. No gifts accepted!! Come and sing and have fun.

Board Meetings

 The SFFMC board meets on the second Tuesday of each month — potluck at 6:30 p.m., meeting at 8:00 p.m. All Club members are welcome to attend the potluck dinner and the Board meeting.

September 12:Melissa Sarenac's house

October 10:Ed Hilton's house

 NEXT FOLKNIK FOLD-IN/FOLK SING: Sunday, October 29, at
Abe and Joan Feinberg’s

Club News

Laura Lind has an interactive lesson and 3 page article on songwriting with the autoharp, including photo, lyrics and score for one of my original songs titled "Home Again", published in the Spring 2006 issue, (Vol. 18, No. 3) of Autoharp Quarterly, P.O. Box 336, New Manchester, WV 26056 ( In addition she will be singing traditional old-time songs and picking fiddle tunes on the autoharp on Saturday, September 23, at the Anderson Marsh Oldtime Bluegrass Festival, Anderson Marsh State Park, SE corner of Clear Lake, between Lower Lake & Clearlake on Hwy. 53, north of Calistoga., 707-823-5884.

Evo Bluestein has, in addition to the regular line of Evoharps, a few of the brand new Sparrowharps (smaller for kids or adults with shorter arms) in stock right now. These harps are smaller in width but have the exact same number of strings and chord bars. Children (or adults with smaller arms) can play them in the popular upright position, as well as on the lap or a table. For more info:

The hootenanny at the Livermore Library July 16 was a resounding success, with 82 in attendance, singing along heartily. Leaders were SFFMC members Thad Binkley, Marian Gade, Ken Hayes, Ed Hilton, Phyllis Jardine and Jerry Michaels, helped out by Ellen Furman and Phil Morgan.

While performing in Maine, last month, "Maine Things Considered" did a little piece about the work of Adam Miller, folksinger, storyteller, and autoharp virtuoso Also, every track from his three CDs is now available as a free downloadable MP3 from his website:

Volunteers for Hootenanny Night


If you are interested in any of the following, please contact

Request for Harmony Sound Volunteer

At Harmony 2006-2007, we would like to try again for sound at the evening concerts. We do have an "extra" sound system and lack only someone to manage it. Do-it-yourself concerts (sign up to share your music - just like an open mike) are held every evening in the big hall in Camp Campbell roughly from 8 to 10. Oh! skilled or semi-skilled sound person(s) PLEASE say you'll give part of your evenings for this job! You'll do it? Let Faith know at (415) 661-2217 or Thanks!

Have Something to Say to Your Fellow Folk Club Members?

As the (relatively) new page 2-3 editor for the folknik, I would like to welcome all members to write something -- whether it's a small item or a full-fledged article -- for the folknik. Here are some questions you might want to use as jumping-off points to inspire your own ideas on which you might want to write an article for the folknik.

Send your items to me at

Jimmy Borsdorf Instruments

On his death, Jimmy Borsdorf left a fine museum of handcrafted musical instruments, as well as others of first quality. The museum has been in storage and Nancy Borsdorf is trying to find a home for this outstanding collection, as she can no longer afford to pay storage. Ideas for places which might accept the museum are sought, as well as financial aid for Nancy as she goes through the volume of items left by Jimmy. Reach her at P.O. Box 2111, Oroville, CA 95965. She offers these instruments for sale:

Committee Forms to Nominate Pete Seeger for the Nobel Peace Prize

An ad hoc committee has been formed to nominate Pete Seeger for the Nobel Peace Prize. The Nobel committee has made their selection for 2007, and the committee has the opportunity to nominate him for the 2008 selection.

Pete has supported almost every peace organization in the country, indeed internationally, through fundraising concerts, endorsement of activities, and personal participation. Every one of us can think of myriad reasons why our consciousness of the issues of world peace, social justice and cultural sensitivity, plus the skills to reach other people, had something to do with Pete.

Initially, a committee is needed to:

  1. Spread the word and line up supporters. There are famous people who need contacting: Bruce Springsteen, Harry Belafonte, Bob Dylan, Arlo Guthrie, etc.
  2. Compile a "List of Particulars," the legal resume that the nominating agency needs of Pete's participation in the cause of the movement for peace and social justice for the last 60 years.
  3. Identify people who know people at agencies who have nominating privileges.

We would like to hear from you regarding the specific ways in which Pete Seeger has participated in your campaign to promote peace and social justice. Everybody has "Pete" stories!

Contact Eleanor Walden and Eliot Kenin for the Ad Hoc Committee to Nominate Pete Seeger for the Nobel Peace Prize, 2950 Derby St. #140, Berkeley, CA 94705, 1-800-886-8749.

Folk Festival Letters

[Sadie Damascus wrote a letter to the Harmony list about June's Free Folk Festival. We thought it worth sharing with Folknik readers, although we did have to edit her letter slightly to fit. A letter from Morgan Cowin follows as well.]

I have worked or visited about fifteen Free Folk Festivals since I came to the Bay Area from Vermont, and this one seemed by far the best in so many ways.

So many people! We were busy, bustling, with no desolate spaces, no empty workshops, no unfilled stairwells; about ten groups were jamming in the yard almost all the time. I saw oodles of young people, even teenagers, who were seemingly enjoying themselves! What genius arranged to bring them all in, and how?

The crowd seemed uncommonly diversified, from all ages to all colors and types of people, and tolerance abounded. Laurie.s kidcraft station was always happily packed. And there seemed to be plenty of volunteers everywhere (Thanks, Marlene!)

The workshops were so attractive that I was busy every hour, and still missed some inviting presentations. I only heard an hour of the concert, but In Harmony's Way had the audience roaring. Everywhere I looked there was Faith heading somewhere with a huge grin on her face. It was really nice to see so many other happy faces as well.

The people who attended my singalong-with-cheap-instruments workshop were so agreeable, eventually we had a singalong AND a little rhythm band going. And Robert from New York, who is ALMOST here permanently now, made my hour and many other singing workshops more lively and complete with his incredible repertoire.

It occurs to me that, of all the families or interest groups I have been part of in my nearly 30 years out here, the Folk Music Club has remained almost the only one in which I keep growing and being accepted and making new friends and finding exultation making music with people, I love being a part of something so dynamic and yet virtuous, and this year I was proud of all we offered all those people who came through. My friends who stopped by stayed all day, and mostly returned on Sunday, even on this most busy weekend in San Francisco.

Is it true that we also made our rent and expenses from those money cans? Good job and good publicity. I believe we must be having an upswing now, and perhaps the club itself will grow vibrantly now for a while. Thanks to those who made last weekend of an event of such excellence.

It's been a long process getting here where I feel I have earned some respect and been given much friendship.


I'm very glad to hear that all the fund raising efforts (and the negotiations) pulled together enough funds to meet the greatly increased costs to put the Festival together! I have no official voice other than being a member of the SFFMC, but I'd like to say THANK YOU!!! to EVERYONE involved for volunteering your time, efforts and talents in making this Festival really FUN and REWARDING to us jammers, performers and attendees! I really enjoyed myself, and I really appreciate how everyone seemed to work together for the benefit of the whole Festival!

Thanks again,
-- Morgan Cowin
President, Int'l Musical Saw Assn