Newsletter of the San Francisco Folk Music Club -
friends and families making home-grown music together.

Deadline for the next issue of the folknik: Friday, October 6.
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Contributors to this edition of the folknik:

Phyllis Jardine Editor-in-Chief
Thad Binkley Assistant Editor
Susan Frank Pages 1, 7, 8
Marlene McCall Club News Editor (Pages 2-3)
Kathryn Lamar Reviews Editor (Page 4)
Barbara/Kay/Ray Song Page Editors (Pages 5-6)
Shelby Solomon Calendar Editor (Pages 9-10)
Faith Petric Consultant & Reporter
The East Bay Gang of Folders and Phil "Bulk Mail" Morgan
David Luckhardt Folk Club Web Page
Garry Wiegand Website Provider
Kenneth Hayes Membership Secretary
John Kelly Online folknik Editor

Thanks to the June Fold-in elves! Ron Adams, Margaret Dubois, Abe & Joan Feinberg, Cheryl Ferk, Jeff & Ellen Furman, Marian Gade, Ken Hayes, Ed Hilton, Stephen Hopkins, Dean Howard, Jane Jackson, Kathryn Lamar, Frances Lee, Shary Levy, Jerry Michaels, Phil Morgan, Joy Salatino, Marv Sternberg