Newsletter of the San Francisco Folk Music Club -
friends and families making home-grown music together.

Deadline for the next issue of the folknik: Friday, October 3.
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Contributors to this edition of the folknik:

Phyllis Jardine Editor-in-Chief
Thad Binkley Assistant Editor
Susan Frank Pages 1, 7, 8
Marlene McCall Club News Editor (Pages 2-3)
Lisa Hubbell Reviews Editor (Page 4)
Barbara/Kay/John Song Page Editors (Pages 5-6)
Shelby Solomon Calendar Editor (Pages 9-10)
Faith Petric Consultant & Reporter
The East Bay Gang of Folders and mailers Phil Morgan & Stephen Hopkins
David Luckhardt Folk Club Web Page
Garry Wiegand Website Provider
Kenneth Hayes Membership Secretary
John Kelly Online folknik Editor

Thanks June Fold-in Elves! Julie Bidou, Thad Binkley, Abe & Joan Feinberg, Jeff & Ellen Furman, Marian Gade, Ken Hayes, Ed Hilton, Stephen Hopkins, Phyllis Jardine, Nancy Karigaca, Kathryn LaMar, Jerry Michaels, Joy Salatino, Jan Seifert, Bob Semple, Judy Siegel, Margie Wade.