New Harmony - SFFMC's New Years Camp

Tentative dates:  Thursday, December 27, 2018 - Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Join your friends in celebrating New Year 2018-2019 at Camp New Harmony

We  had another wonderful Camp New Harmony, this time at Monte Toyon - thanks to everyone who attended and helped out! 
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Camp New Harmony moved to Monte Toyon in the Santa Cruz redwoods for 2017-18.

We had a great time last year at Camp New Harmony -- and are looking forward to repeating it this year. 

Lead a workshop, begin a new instrument, join in a jam or sing along. Hike through the woods, make new friends over cider or while jamming, and do it all surrounded by folks making music and having fun.

We're a home made camp, and we put it on for each other. It's a wonderful, supportive environment for trying out new things. Here it's easy to take the first steps at teaching, whether calling a first dance, teaching a beginning instrument class, or leading a song for the first time. Some folks have found the inspiration to write a song or tune at camp, and the evening concert has debuted some keepers.

You never know what will happen, it all depends on who shows up. Will it be you?