Member directory now online – check & update your info!

The SFFMC member directory is now online at!  The directory can only be viewed by current members who are logged into the website. If you haven’t logged in before and you have trouble logging in, see the instructions at

A few things to know:
• The directory only shows current members who want to be shown in the directory. Expired members and members who prefer not to be shown in the directory do not appear.
• The directory only shows the information that a member wants to show, which can range from just the member’s name to complete contact information, with various options in between.
• The directory listings are shown alphabetically by member’s first name. This is not ideal, but it would be difficult for us to modify. However, the directory is fully searchable by first or last name by using the Search Members box on the right.
• If your own listing has incorrect information or you want to change your directory listing preferences, you can make changes at If you run into problems, contact the SFFMC membership coordinator at .