New Year’s Camp  Our biggest camp is Camp Harmony.  Camp Harmony 2020-21 was online rather than in person this year due to the coronavirus situation.  We had a similar but shorter online event in April.

Camp Harmony 2021-22 will again be online.  Register at .

In normal years, Camp Harmony lasts five days and nights, and is restricted to Club members and their families. Our site since December 2018 has been Walker Creek Ranch in the hills above Pt. Reyes Station.

There are heated cabins and a central dining hall where we eat together for three meals per day – plus workshops, concerts, dancing and the usual unstructured singing and jamming.

Summer Campouts On the weekends of Memorial Day, July 4th, and Labor Day we have music campouts in the Bay Area, featuring lots of musical and outdoor activities for the whole family. We’ll have informal musical jams in the daytime, open mics on two nights and workshops on various topics. Anyone can lead a workshop; we schedule them at camp. We hope to see you there!

Our 2021 Labor Day campout was an in-person event at our new summer campout site in the East Bay: Camp Herms in El Cerrito!  Details are here.  Our 2021 Memorial Day and July summer campouts were online rather than in person due to the coronavirus situation, as they were in 2020.