Musical Meetings

Musical Meetings

Please note: Our musical meetings have gone online due to the coronavirus.

We currently have regular sings on Zoom on the 1st & 3rd Tuesdays of the month from 1 to 3 pm, and on the 2nd and 4th Fridays from 7 pm until midnight.  To get announcements of the URLs for these Zoom meetings, subscribe to SFFMC’s Harmony list at information about our online musical meetings is here.

In normal times, we meet on the 2nd and 4th Fridays of the month in Cyprian’s Center, a non-religious community program located in St. Cyprian’s Church at 2097 Turk Street in San Francisco, at the corner of Turk and Lyon.

We make music together, with all levels of musical skill welcome.  There’s a jam upstairs and a song circle downstairs, plus three additional rooms for smaller gatherings. There’s a theme downstairs where we go around the circle and each person takes a turn leading a song about the theme of the day, but any song will do. It is also fine to pass or request a song.

We are good at supporting others musically.  This is a good way to become engaged musically and find community.

There’s lots of easy street parking within one block.  Singing and jamming start at 8:00 pm; we start clean-up at 11:30 and need to leave by midnight. Two of the rooms require earlier leaving times. Bring finger-food snacks and beverages if you can. Everyone is welcome, and no one is expected to “perform”. Cyprian’s charges us rent; we ask those who can to donate $5 to $10 per evening, but if you can’t donate, we still want you to join us!

Please try to park on the street, but if you can’t find anything closer, you may park in the blood center lot at Turk and Masonic.  Cyprian’s asks that if we park in the lot, we use a parking pass. Parking passes are stored on the info table right inside the front entrance of the church. You can pull up to the front entrance and step inside to get one before you park. You can keep it in your car for future use since they are not dated.

In consideration of our members’ allergies and other concerns, only service animals are permitted at SFFMC events, and all our events are fragrance-free. The wearing of perfumes or heavily-scented products is not permitted. If a situation arises that cannot be easily remedied, attendees may be asked to show responsibility by taking their pet home or going home to change out of clothing that has picked up the offending scents.