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The folknik, the Club newsletter, is issued every other month and posted here on the SFFMC website. It contains original songs, news of Club activities, articles of general interest, and a calendar of folk music events in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.

We no longer routinely send out the folknik by postal mail.  Instead, we send email notices to all current members to let them know when each new issue is published.  If you’re a SFFMC member and you think we may not have your current email address on file, please email us at to let us know.

We are able to print and mail a limited number of copies to members who do not have email or do not have a computer or internet access. If that is your situation, you can let us know by email at, by postal mail at SFFMC Membership, 149 Santa Maria Ave., San Bruno, CA 94066, or by phone at 510-473-6651.

Send e-mail submissions for folknik articles to the editor of the section where the information should be printed, with a copy to the lead editor. The deadline for submittal is published in the folknik and is now normally the 15th of even-numbered months, with a possible exception for the January-February issue.  The deadline for the upcoming September-October 2024 issue is August 15.

Online folknik

The online folknik includes the current issue and many past issues. Click on any of the links below:|

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More back issues may be posted later as we complete our transition to this new website.  For now, older issues back to 1998 can be accessed on our archived prior website at .  If that doesn’t work, try note that much of the other info on that archived site is now out of date.