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The folknik, the Club newsletter, is issued every other month and mailed to all club members who request a print copy. It contains a schedule of folk music events in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond, original songs, news of Club activities, and articles of general interest. Mailing is done at a pot-luck music party by volunteers who fold and tab the newsletter, eat and make music when the job is done. Time and place of fold-ins are on page 2 of each folknik.

Send email submissions for folknik articles to the editor of the page where the information should be printed. Deadline for November/December 2019 issue is October 4.

Online folknik

The online folknik includes most of the content from the current issue and some past issues. Click on any of the links below:

November-December 2019 (current issue)
September-October 2019
July-August 2019
May-June 2019
March-April 2019
January-February 2019
November-December 2018
September-October 2018
July-August 2018
May-June 2018

July-August 2013

More back issues will be posted later as we complete our transition to this new website.  Thanks for your patience!