Welcome to the San Francisco Folk Music Club!

Whether you sing traditional songs or newer songs, a cappella or with your guitar, whether you play Old-Time, Irish, or other instrumental tunes, whether you dance contra, Irish, or swing, we’re always thrilled to meet new musicians! Come to one of our events, find out more about what we do, or join us!


El Cerrito Free Festival will be October 14

SFFMC’s 2023 El Cerrito Free Folk Festival will be live and in person on Saturday, October 14.  We’re returning to last year’s location: the El Cerrito Community Center on Moeser Lane in El Cerrito.  Details are on the festival website.

2023-24 Camp Harmony live and in person – registration is open!

Wednesday December 27th,  2023 until Monday January 1st, 2024!   We will be going back to Camp Newman, between Calistoga and Santa Rosa, which has been rebuilt since the fire there in 2017.   More info here or register now!

SF Free Folk Festival was live and in person on July 8

SFFMC’s 2023 San Francisco Free Folk Festival was live and in person for the first time since 2019!  We were at a new outdoor location in Golden Gate Park on Saturday, July 8, 2023.   For more information, check out the festival website.  This year’s festival was co-sponsored by Illuminate and the San Francisco City Recreation and Parks Department.

SFFMC summer gatherings at Camp Herms

We’re now done with our multi-day summer music gatherings for 2023.   This year we were back at Camp Herms in the El Cerrito Hills for all three gatherings, on the weekends of Memorial Day, “July 4” (actually June 30-July 2 this year), and Labor Day. We hope to return again to Camp Herms for all three of these gatherings in 2024.  Details about our summer gatherings at Camp Herms are here.

Spring Harmony Online 2023 was a success!

It ran from Friday March 10 until Sunday March 12.  We plan to have this event again in 2024 – it will remain online.

El Cerrito Free Festival was live & in person on October 8

SFFMC’s 2022 El Cerrito Free Folk Festival was live and in person for the first time since 2019.  The festival was on Saturday October 8 at a new location: the El Cerrito Community Center on Moeser Lane in El Cerrito.  Details are on the festival website.

Online 2022 SF Free Festival was a success – many events still available for viewing

SFFMC’s San Francisco Free Folk Festival was online this year on Saturday July 16, with nearly 600 people registered.   The festival’s “Watch Anytime” events are all still available for viewing!  You can find them at https://sffolkfest.org/program-2022 .


Spring Harmony 2022 was a success!

SFFMC’s online Spring Harmony event, held from April 8 through April 10, was a success, with over 200 people registered.  Thanks very much to everyone who made it happen!

Member directory now online – check & update your info!

The SFFMC member directory is now online at https://www.sffmc.org/member-directory!  The directory can only be viewed by current members who are logged into the website. If you haven’t logged in before and you have trouble logging in, see the instructions at https://www.sffmc.org/update-your-info.

A few things to know:
• The directory only shows current members who want to be shown in the directory. Expired members and members who prefer not to be shown in the directory do not appear.
• The directory only shows the information that a member wants to show, which can range from just the member’s name to complete contact information, with various options in between.
• The directory listings are shown alphabetically by member’s first name. This is not ideal, but it would be difficult for us to modify. However, the directory is fully searchable by first or last name by using the Search Members box on the right.
• If your own listing has incorrect information or you want to change your directory listing preferences, you can make changes at https://www.sffmc.org/member-profile. If you run into problems, contact the SFFMC membership coordinator at membership@sffmc.org .

Friday night musical meetings online for now

Our musical meetings have gone online for now due to the coronavirus.  To receive Zoom invitations for them, subscribe to our Harmony email list at https://groups.io/g/harmony. More information is here.

2021 El Cerrito Free Festival was online on October 23 – many events still available for viewing!

SFFMC’s 2021 El Cerrito Festival was online on Saturday, October 23.  Many of the festival events are still available for viewing!  See the program page on the festival website for more information.

Community folk calendar now on our site!

Thanks to folknik calendar editor Shelby Solomon, we have a new community folk calendar on our website!  Check it out here.

SFFMC survey results

Some of you may remember that SFFMC did a member/community survey back in December 2020.  Here are the compiled results of the multiple-choice questions: https://www.sffmc.org/wp-content/uploads/SFFMC-survey-multiple-choice-report.pdf .  Thanks again to everyone who responded!