July 4 weekend picnic

July 4 2022 weekend picnic in Berkeley!

Saturday July 2 through Monday July 4, 12 noon until 8:30 pm, at Codornices Park at 1201 Euclid Avenue in north Berkeley.

We will be at Picnic Area #1 Saturday July 2 and Monday July 4.

We will be at Picnic Area #2 Sunday July 3.

Picnic areas are reserved in four hour blocks, so we reserved noon to 4 and 4:30 to 8:30. We don’t foresee any problem with staying during the ½ hour interval from 4 to 4:30. We believe it’s set up that way so people who have reserved the earlier spot have it ready for the next group. No alcohol (City ordinance), no barbecuing on high fire days.

Picnic Area #1: Three long picnic tables, two medium tables and a bbq grill, trash cans, much shade from trees. Wheelchair accessible. Capacity 80.

Picnic Area #2: Four medium picnic tables, three long rows of benches, bbq grill. Combination trees and sun. Wheelchair accessible. Capacity 70.

Site location: At the sidewalk next to the Codornices sign, follow the path down into the park. Basketball court on the left, restroom on the right. Continue straight on the path to the right of the long cement slide and there will be two picnic sites across from each other. #1 is on the left; #2 is on the right.

DONATIONS: It is costing us $150/day for Picnic Area #1 and $120 for Picnic Area #2. We’ll have a donation can out but will not be charging per individual. If you want to write a check make it out to SFFMC.