Camp Harmony online this year

Camp Harmony Online (New Year’s Camp) 2021-22

Thursday, December 30, 2021, 1 PM PDT, through Sunday, January 2, 2022, Midnight PDT

Register HERE for Online Camp Harmony 2021-22 by noon December 28.

The camp schedule is now available here.  The camp bulletin board, with additional information and updates during camp including impromptu workshops and other sessions, is at .  There will be information on the bulletin board about how to add things to it.

If you need tech support help for Camp Harmony, please email your request to .

SFFMC is again hosting this year’s winter music retreat, Camp Harmony Online for 2021-2022! Join with friends new and old from around the world to celebrate our folk music community with participatory workshops, concerts, and open sessions for singing, playing, and dancing to traditional music.

This event is the San Francisco Folk Music Club’s New Year’s gathering, to carry the thread of our traditions through the pandemic, and to ensure we can safely gather as many of us as possible in the days to come. We are making this event available for our broader folk music-loving community and it is open to musical friends everywhere.

What to anticipate in this unusual year
Camp will be held on Zoom.  The camp schedule is here.  Registration is free.

SFFMC welcomes non-members to register for camp this year!

When you register, you will be invited to:

Lead a Workshop
Only SFFMC members are eligible to lead a workshop; non-members may co-lead with a member.
Workshop leaders must have access to a device with the Zoom app installed and that will broadcast acceptable audio and video, and the Internet bandwidth to stream it reliably. We’ll ask about your set-up before camp to assure that all goes well for your session. Deadline to sign up for workshops is Dec. 10.

Perform for an evening concert
We invite all campers to perform a song at one of three concerts (Deadline to sign up to perform at a concert is Dec. 15)

Volunteer to provide tech assistance — camp cannot happen without this!
Are you an experienced Zoom host, adept at navigating its platform?
We will need co-hosts to assist each Workshop Leader. Co-hosts will handle the waiting room, track who is next in line to sing or speak, monitor chat, etc.—take care of details to allow the Workshop Leader to focus on leading the workshop. We will also need some co-hosts who can help with technical problems. Volunteer co-hosts must attend a free training session.

For any questions, email for general questions or for tech support.

Register HERE for Online Camp Harmony 2021-22 by noon December 28.