Camp Harmony online this year

The information below is about last year’s camp.  The upcoming 2021-22 camp is still in its planning stage.


Camp Harmony 2020-2021 was online!

December 31, 2020 – January 3, 2021

If you have registered and are having any issues connecting to camp, contact .

The in-progress schedule is now online at

And you can find out more about how to navigate this year’s online camp at

More than ever, “We are Ralph.”   See below for how to help and how to join in.

What to anticipate in this unusual year
Camp will be held on Zoom and on YouTube.
Registrants will be sent links to attend sessions.
Registration is free.
SFFMC welcomes non-members to register for camp this year!

Thursday, December 31st:
Camp starts with an evening concert and midnight revelry

Three afternoons of multiple workshops

Friday and Saturday:
Two more evening concerts

“Etc.” to be announced

Provide tech assistance — camp cannot happen without this!
Are you an experienced Zoom host, adept at navigating its platform?
We will need co-hosts (one or two per workshop) to assist each Workshop Leader. Co-hosts will handle the waiting room, track who is next in line to sing or speak, monitor chat, etc.—take care of details to allow the Workshop Leader to focus on leading the workshop. We will also need some co-hosts who can help with technical problems. Volunteer co-hosts must be dedicated to session support—alert to, but not participating in the workshop—for the full time preceding, during, and wrapping up your assigned session.

We hope that many people will share this task to make light work for all.

Is this the perfect virtual camp chore for you?
If so, please contact us at now.

Registrants have been sent daily access codes to attend camp.

This is our opportunity to share Harmony spirit and musical magic with friends near and far who have not yet attended Harmony, but might like to!
Be sure to spread the word and encourage others to join us this year.

Lead a Workshop
Only SFFMC members are eligible to lead a workshop; non-members may co-lead with a member.
Workshop leaders must have access to a device with the Zoom app installed and that will broadcast acceptable audio and video, and the Internet bandwidth to stream it reliably. We’ll ask about your set-up before camp to assure that all goes well for your session.

Send your workshop proposal by the end of November—sooner is better—to:

Perform for an evening concert
We invite all campers to perform a short set of one or two numbers (think 6-minute max.) in an evening concert. Concerts will probably include both live performances and, if the performer prefers, pre-recorded segments that s/he generates and provides specifically for the Camp Harmony concert. All performers (live and pre-recorded) will have brief opportunity to respond to the live audience following their set.

Please send your intent to perform in concert to and specify in your message which format you wish to present. Pre-recorded sets are due to the concert organizers no later than Tuesday, Dec. 15th.

Spread the news
Anyone can register and attend Camp Harmony this year, member or not, at no charge. Invite friends in music, near and far, to register for this year’s camp. We look forward to introducing the SFFMC to many more friends in the area, across the country, even around the world!

We hope that in 2021 we can return to the “real world” at Walker Creek Ranch, joined by some of this year’s new virtual attendees.

You’ll want to have the latest update of Zoom just before you go to online Harmony. Your experience at online Harmony will be more fun if you are using a laptop or desktop computer, rather than an iPhone or a device with limited functions, like a Chromebook.

The whole Zoom update process takes less than two minutes. To update your Zoom, go to